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New & Used Pallets

For nearly 40 years, Murdock Mackay Ltd has helped Southern Ontario’s industries do business smarter and faster. We offer new and used pallet sales to fulfill your product shipment needs, while ensuring swift delivery, and highly competitive rates.

As a company that takes exceptional pride in the quality of our products, our pallets have been safety certified for use in food processing and transportation. Murdock Mackay’s pallets are also great for manufacturers, warehouses, shipping, and business logistics.

Pallet Selection

Our location in Bolton, Ontario houses an incredible 2 acres worth of pallets, featuring an assortment of pallets, including:
  • Newly Manufactured Pallets
  • Used & Reconditioned Pallets
  • Heat-Treated & Non-Heat-Treated Pallets
  • Hardwood Pallets
  • Softwood Pallets

Shipping Out-of-Country?

Murdock Mackay has heat-treated pallets for sale that are ideal for shipping anywhere in the world! By heat-treating our pallets, we are able to provide pallets without harmful chemicals, but are still resistant to insects and moisture damage.

Pallet Purchases

Have a stack of unused pallets? Let Murdock Mackay take care of them! We routinely purchase used and damaged pallets – Call Us Today!

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